How to pick the best moisturizer for your skin type

First, you must determine your skin type. But Jenna, I don't know my skin type.... Thats okay! Do you have skin concerns? Let's start there. For example, if you have oily, acne prone skin, you do not want a heavy, rice moisturizer because it will exacerbate your concerns. We help you determine your skin type based on your skin concerns.

A major contributor to healthy, balanced skin is moisture. Everyone (even my oily friends) needs a moisturizer. Just so ya'll know...dry, dehydrated skin shows signs of aging sooner. So, lets not wait any longer and take a look at our top picks:

Oily, Acne Prone, Oily/Sensitive:

These are for anyone with excess oil, acne and sensitivity. Oily skin can lack hydration, so these formulas are light and quickly absorbed.

1. Oil Control Emulsion: Reduces shine & is the lightest formula

2. Oil Free Moisturizer: Delivers lightweight moisture & hyaluroinc acid

3. Balancing Moisture Remedy: This is for you if you are oily AND sensitive

4. Daily Hydration: This is a hyaluronic acid serum & can be used with or without a moisturizer


Finding a moisturizer can often be a challenge and it may not be just one choice. Products that have an oil controlling aspect may be too drying, but products that are too heavy can lead to a shiny t-zone

1. Phyto-Active Light Moisturizer: Offers anti aging benefits, but lightweight & provides instant balance & radiance

2. Conditioning Hydration Cream: Hydrates, strengthens & fortifies skin

3. Moisturizing Tint SPF 30: Lightweight, oil free coverage with a hint of color


1. Restorative Cream: Smells divine & repairs dry, dehydrated skin

2. Vita E Essential Cream: Delivers critical moisture; soothes redness & irritation



1. Hydra Radiance Face Moisturizer: Provides an instant radiant glow and luminosity

2. Day & Night Moisture: Calms down confused, red, acne prone skin

3. Spray On Moisture: Topical spray used under & over makeup. Results seen in less than 5 minutes.

4. Luminous Cream: Gel formula that targets hyper pigmentation (dark spots) & prevents photo aging

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