Lash Lifts vs. Lash Extensions

Over the past 2 years, lash extensions have gained a HUGE following. They are so in demand, that they are actually making a dent in the mascara market! But then came the lash lift (use a safe, cream based solution that leaves your natural lashes perfectly curled) and now there are options.

So which one is better?, is a question we hear often. Both are safe, maintain lash health and most importantly, help you cut down the time you spend getting

ready in the mornings. Hallelujiah!

Lash Extensions Before & After

Here are some things to consider when deciding on which option to choose:

1. Speed

For some, 2 hours is a reasonable time for an appointment to last. Its just enough time for a chat and lash nap. For others, 2 hours is an eternity. Lash extensions can take hours depending on the how many natural lashes you have (If you have a lot of natural lashes, it will take longer to lash all of them.), the desired style and condition of your lashes. A lift and tint will have you in and out and looking polished in about an hour. If you are busy and have short gaps in your schedule or are restless, a lift and tint is for you.

2. Natural

Lash lifts rely on what your mama gave you, which is both a pro and con. If you have naturally thick and long lashes, a lift and tint can look just as dramatic as extensions. These are the photos that you usually see all over Instagram (ours included). If you have not been blessed with naturally amazing lashes, a lift may not do much.

3. Maintenance

Extensions are placed on the natural lashes, which means they fall out as the natural lash grows out. Fill appointments will have you coming back every 2 - 4 weeks. I mean, who WOULDN'T want to hang out with me that often! With a lash lift, you are looking at every 6 - 8 weeks. Lash lift clients are advised to wait 24 hours before wetting their lashes, while extension wearers can hit the gym, beach or pool that same day.

4. Cost

Lash lifts do tend to cost less than extensions. Our lifts are priced between $60 - $80. A full set of extensions is priced at $175 with fills costing between $50 - $70, depending on time. The reason for this is a full set takes twice the time of a lift and tint and you have some one working on you for the duration of the appointment, also product costs. Extensions are also more customizable.

5. Allergies

Allergic reactions can occur even after having the same service multiple times. Lash lift solutions tend to be easier to handle for if you have reacted to extension adhesive.


The best service for you will depend on: your natural lashes, the time you are willing to invest, the look you would like to achieve and price point. If you are still unsure, head to our online booking and schedule a complimentary consultation. We are happy to help you find out which one would work best for you and your lifestyle.

My Personal Input:

I prefer a lash lift and tint because I have decent natural lashes. I often times will "enhance" them by using Grande Lash MD and when I get a lift, they can look like extensions. However, if I am going on a vacation to the beach or somewhere where I am going to be outdoors and swimming. I'm getting extensions because who wants to worry about mascara at the beach?? Not this girl!

This is my result after using Grande Lash MD, then doing a lift & tint

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