New product loves!

We have recently had A LOT of newness in the store since the beginning of the month. I am here to talk about why I love them and why I think you will love them too, so lets dive in!


Favorite Gloss Colors: Clear, Plum Springs & Dusty Rose

Favorite Matte: Pink Taupe

What Is It?

It is a plumping lip gloss that gives you both an immediate and long-term solution for your lips. With innovative ingredients that helps restore healthy lips, it delivers deep hydration for instant plumping, long-lasting comfort, and smooths out lip lines & wrinkles.

Why I Love It:

I am not joking when I say that it works better than chapstick y'all! A lipgloss that works like chapstick, say whaaatt?? You know I love a good 2 for 1 product. It has been a saving grace for my poor chapped lips this season. I wear the clear at night as well as under lipstick during the day. The matte color is long wearing, non-drying and supports lip health. In fact, I have it on in this photo with the clear gloss over top of it. This is a FANTASTIC Christmas gift and you should grab one for yourself while your at it. I have already had to reorder the clear and we haven't even had them in for 2 weeks!


What is it?

A stick concealer that is specially formulated to boost your skin’s moisture as it erases the look of fine lines and wrinkles. Loaded with sodium hyaluronate and vitamins A and E, this multi-tasking stick concealer glides on smooth to banish the appearance of dark circles and blemishes as it plumps the skin and fights the signs of aging. Designed for flawless under eye coverage and all-over spot concealing, it melts into skin and never settles or creases no matter how full coverage you go.

Why I Love It:

My "go to" concealer has always been the About Face brand because it never creased under my eyes. My ONLY complaint about it was that it didn't quite give me the coverage I was looking for, but all of the concealers that did creased and looked cakey. Well, this is the answer to my prayers! This not only gives me the coverage that I want, it does not crease and does not look cakey because of vitamins A & E.


What Is It?

SMOOTH™ Duo is changing the beauty game by giving you a Crème Concealer and Foundation in 1 tube! Mind blown. 

IN THE CAP Our SMOOTHTM Créme Concealer is formulated with skin-loving ingredients that help reduce under eye puffiness, minimize dark circles, moisturize & protect the delicate skin around your eye.

IN THE TUBE Our SMOOTHTM Foundation uses a water-based formulation that delivers full coverage and a super lightweight feel. We also packed it with peptides & anti-oxidants 400x more moisturizing than Sodium Hyaluronate, to fight wrinkles & moisture-loss.

Why I Love It:

This is the perfect product for the "on the go" mom! When you flip open the cap, it has a very handy mirror for quick touch ups, lets say in the car if you overslept. If you read my "what's in my makeup bag" blog post, you can see that I am not a huge fan of foundation, I'm more of a tinted moisturize type of girl. But, if I did wear foundation, I would like this one and I also am a fan of the concealer in the cap. If you are looking to save room in your makeup bag, and a bang for your buck, at $40 this is YOUR JAM!

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