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Updated: Nov 17, 2019

Having a lot of products sounds like fun but it’s more annoying than anything – I could never find what I was looking for! So I bought a medium bag and did a major makeup purge. If it didn’t fit in the bag, it got tossed (I have a few other products – mostly skincare that I keep on my vanity). What surprised me the most was now that I am in my 30s, my skincare collection is bigger than my makeup collection. Also, many of my makeup products also have skincare in them. This is so important for your everyday makeup routine. You can save your fuller coverage foundations for special events and nights out.


The only mascara I keep in my bag is the Blinc Original Tubing Mascara. I have extremely sensitive eyes and this is the only mascara that I can wear daily and have it not bother my eyes. The original formula does not provide enough volume for me, so I use it with the black primer. I also love that it doesn't run, smudge, clump or flake...even if I cry or rub my eyes.


I have actually been using a mineral cream blush from Glo Skin Beauty as my bronzer in the color Warmth. I apply it before my powder foundation to give a "lit from within" look. I find it looks more natural than a powder bronzer.


Blinc Eyebrow pencil in Light Brunette. It is easy to use, bendable, smudge-proof and waterproof.


I have two concealers. The first is Colorscience 3 in 1 Total Eye (a skincare item). Let me tell ya'll... Total Eye = Total Game Changer! I apply this first to color correct any darkness and protect with SPF 35. It also has a cooling applicator to reduce puffiness AND can double as an eyelid primer. I seriously do not know how I lived so long without this. The second is our About Face concealer in N25. I use this when my under eyes need some extra coverage.


I have 3 in my bag, all from our About Face line. I have Majesty (purple), Sienna (dark brown), and Adorn (shimmery bronze). I like to use colored eyeliners on an everyday basis to make my eye color pop as opposed to eyeshadows. The formula is creamy and easy to be smudged, but once it sets, it does not move. I have green eyes, so these are the best options for my eye color. Brown eyes would do best with Adorn and blue eyes would do best with either Adorn or a gray color.

My Favorite Tinted Moisturizer:

Glo Skin Beauty Moisturizing Tint SPF 30 in Light. This is another product I could not live without! I wear this alone or underneath pressed powder foundation. Its light weight, gives the right amount of coverage and makes my skin look dewy. This product is actually classified as skincare, not makeup. It is also oil free for my oily friends out there. I feel like this is the one product everyone needs in their life.

Blush & Lipgloss

For blush I use, Glo Skin Beauty Sandalwood (warm matte), this is the blush for people who don't like blush and Spice Berry (shimmery rose bronze). I go back and forth between these two depending on what I am wearing. I also have 2 lipglosses, both are from Grande cosmetics in Sugar Plum and Sunbaked Sedona. This formula has hyaluronic acid in it, which brings my always chapped lips back to life.


The ONLY makeup I use that is not at About Face is the Laura Mercier translucent loose powder. I received this right before opening the store and have still not used it up! Glo also has a translucent powder that is similar, so I will switch if I ever run out. I use this to set my undereye concealer and keep it from creasing. I also use a pressed powder mineral foundation on a daily basis. I go back and forth between Barepro pressed in Aspen 02 and Glo pressed in Natural Light. I get a little more coverage with Glo's formula, but I like them both.

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